and Complex Machines


Your task in this activity is to research simple machines and design a more complex device using at least 3 simple machines together.


Use this Word Document to help you take notes on each machine and how it works.

The following websites will help you learn about simple machines.


Edheads Simple Machines

The Franklin Institute Online

Exploring Leonardo

The Rube Goldberg website

The Simple Machines Construction Site

MIKIDS Simple Machines

Simple Machines Learning Site

Understanding Simple Machines

Moving Along with Simple Machines

ASPIRE Simple Machines


Try these activities:

Print the Machine Activity Data (PDF) to record your successful data.


Practice the catapult

Practice the trebuchet

Learn about Gear Ratio

Practice using simple machines

Try the Mecahnical Madness Machine Challenge

Make a device using levers and pulleys

Try the roller coaster

Be a human cannonball


Test your knowledge about Simple Machines