We thought our bridge was pretty good.  We predicted that it would hold about 150 lbs.  We did a good job building it and we didn't lose any craftsmanship points.

What? (Results)
Our bridge was excellent! It turned out great and held a lot of weight, in fact it held the third most weight - 175 lbs. And it was the most efficient bridge in the class.  It weighed 26.8 grams and rated 14.36 in efficiency.

So What?
This was an important project for many reasons.  We had to learn how to measure, draw, and use tools safely.  We had to learn a lot about bridges, so we could make a truss bridge design.  The teacher didn't tell us anything, we had to find out on the web.  There are links to some of the sites we used.
The hardest part was making all of the reports like this website and the brochure.

Now What?
What do I still want to learn?  I'm not sure.  I know that I would design my bridge differently, with more supports.  I want to have the best bridge in class.  I could add more triangles because they are the strongest design. 
It was interesting learning about engineers, Duncan thinks he wants to become an engineer.  I'm not very good at math so I think it would be hard.

Here is a picture of our bridge.  It turned out great!!

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