The process to build this bridge was long.  There was lots to do!  Here is a list of everything to do to build your bridge.
bulletLearn about bridges - What is a truss bridge?
bulletBrainstorm ideas for designs.
bulletDraw a "official" design and share with your partner.
bulletForm an engineering team and make a company logo.
bulletCreate a brochure or newsletter to promote your design for approval.
bulletOnce approved you get your material - 7 pieces of 1/8"x1/8"x24" basswood.
bulletYou will use rulers, pencils, wood, glue, and miter saws to build it.
bulletFirst build one side and let it dry.
bulletNext build the other side and let it dry.
bulletFinally, put the two sides together, you have now finished your bridge.
bulletWe had to weigh our bridge to find out how much it weighed.
bulletWe had to take a picture of our bridge before we crushed it to have a memory and to use the pictures in our reports.
bulletWe crushed our bridges and recorded it so we could see where it gave out.

Here is our bridge design.

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